Dovrat Meron Performance


Performance Art
The Performance Art workshops and weekly courses are based on praxis, but we will as well discuss different aspects of performance Art and site specific projects.

Organic Movement, based on Bio Spiral and Butoh
The sessions are divided to soft and dynamic Organic Movement, and improvisation, closing session, or showing and feedback. The main aim of this course is to raise our body awareness and presence, awake our senses and stimulate our vital energy.

Recruited Art
Sociopolitical, Geopolitical & Ecological Art Performances
Diversities in integration work
The workshop's aim is to give the participants basic tools that will enable them to develop projects based on the devised strategies, or come up with their own new strategies.
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The classes and workshops are held in German and English and open for all levels (Unless it is mentioned that previous experience is required). Flexible timetable and price range for individuals and small groups up to three. All workshops can be ordered. Workshops are flexible, for large scale events or small groups, long term projects or intensive seminars, theoretic, practical or both. Special program can be tailored according to the needs of the frame work and the target group.

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