Performance by Dovrat Meron, Berlin

Dovrat Meron is a Cultural Project Manager, Artistic Director and Curator. Co-founder of the ScalaMata Exhibition Space in Venice (2006-2009). Organizer of “Memory Space” site specific performance series in 10 different locations at the 53 Art Biennale in Venice (2009). Co-curator “The law of the market / Berlin - Bangalore” (2012). Associate member of Association for performance Art in Berlin, (APAB), Month of performance art Berlin (MPA-B) and Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival (BIPAF) Associate curator. Her work engages mainly with different curatorial approaches to site specific performance, and participatory intervention in the public realm, institutional critique and cultural policy.

She lectures at conferences and deliver workshops for performance, intervention and participatory art in the public realm and urban context.

She holds BA Educational in Theater directing, producing, Certified acting teacher. BA in interdisciplinary studies theatre, film and music. MA “Space Strategies”, Art in Public Spaces. Desertation: “Curatorial approaches to site specific performance, intervention and participatory art in the public realm”. Diploma in Cultural Project Management. She was rewarded with the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Grant.

“Curatorial Approaches to Site Specific Performance, Action and Participatory Intervention in the Public Realm”: Beyond Commemoration - “Hit and Run” at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. ( Lecture at “Envisioning the Practice: Montreal International Symposium on Performing Arts Curation”, April 10-13, 2014)
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Director of Subtitle, which she founded together with Paul Holdsworth and Daniela Garcia del Pomar in 2013; a platform and network for artists, authors, curators and cultural operators engage with explorative artistic working models in intercultural and cross lingual context. Subtitle is inspired by new media, performance, interventions and participatory art in public realm. By merging two traditionally opposed concepts of spectatorship and authorship Subtitle challenge the conventional role of the audience and traditional concept of distribution of knowledge. In order to operate independently from institutional funding at artistic, cultural, scientific and institutional level, members are both part of the collaborative group and produce independent artistic work and cultural projects. Subtitle aims to contribute alternative strategies of sharing experiences and knowledge within global - local context.

Together with Efrat Stempler and Christina Burger she founded Todanke (2013) association promoting Hebrew language, intercultural and crosslingual activities.